In 2010 Barry visited Shanghai Expo. The theme of the expo was “better cities, better life” and showcased pavilions from each country to demonstrate this theme.

The hugely successful Australian pavilion was a cross beween a tin shed and an Alvaar Alto vase which millions visited during the 5 months of operation and was well located near the iconic chinese mega structure.

Many of the pavilions used new materials in a striking and innovative way.

The Brittish pavilion in particular with its fibre optic rods forming the outer enclosure and the German pavilion with a stretched material covering…to the Spanish pavilion created from large wicker baskets, and the elegant Italian and French pavilions. 

Shanghai itself was an incredible setting with its historically fascinating buildings and spectacular new architecture forming a wonderful backdrop for the expo site.


Australian Pavilion

British Pavilion

Fibre optic rods on British Pavillion

Danish Pavilion

View of Entertainment Centre at Shanghai

Close view of Entertainment Centre

French Pavilion

French Pavilion detail

German Pavilion

German Pavillion view

Italian Pavilion

Japanese Pavillion

Latvian Pavilion

Dutch Pavilion

Aerial view of Dutch Pavilion

Spanish Pavilion

Spanish Pavilion

Swedish Pavilion

Historic building in Shanghai city facing the river

Night shot of a Pavillion

Historic buildings in Shanghai by night

Shanghai CBD by night