In 2009 Barry Rush & Associates were engaged by a number of project management companies involved in the Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan to provide a wide range of architectural services for housing projects.  Many of these projects were fast tracked thru the design and approval processes with a high level of scrutiny.

The projects had to demonstrate a high quality of design and compliance with new commonwealth and state housing requirements.

Project management companies who engaged BR&A P/L for this work included:

  • App Corporation Pty Ltd
  • Coffey Projects (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • McLachlan Lister Pty Ltd
  • Thinc Projects Australia Pty Ltd
  • TSA Management Pty Ltd
  • Housing NSW

BRA P/L designed, documented and supervised the construction of 32 projects ranging in size from 8 – 30 dwellings as part of the NSW NBESP housing plan.

Photomontage - Neerini Ave & Brennan St, SMITHFIELD

Photomontage - Jean St, FAIRFIELD EAST

Photomontage - Wynyard St, GUILDFORD

Street View of project at Mandarin St, FAIRFIELD

Another Street View of project at Mandarin St, FAIRFIELD

Street view of project at Prince St, CANLEY HEIGHTS