Improving Flat Design


Planning NSW issued a progress report on improvements to flat design in NSW and included a number of projects to demonstrate the design quality set out in their Sepp 65 assessment reviews.

These projects provide a tangible demonstration of how many of the design principles promoted through the Design Quality Program can result in successful housing and mixed use developments. High quality residential flat buildings make a lasting contribution to the building stock of NSW. Importantly, they also contribute significantly to the quality of the public domain, provide more pedestrian friendly streetscapes, and result in appropriately scaled neighbourhoods.

The evidence provided by this booklet will assist and encourage an ongoing commitment from the industry and government to high quality design. Particular thanks are due to everyone involved in the projects included here for their participation, and for their contribution to the improvement in residential flat development in NSW.

The residential flat building at 19-23 Sturdee Parade DEE WHY designed by BR&A P/L was included in the booklet.